Ellis Acres Park

The Delta Sigma Theta Farmville Alumnae Chapter conducting it 2017-18 Planning Meeting at Ellis Acres Park in the Town of Dillwyn. Community developments and contributions of the Historic Buckingham Training School Campus, 1934-1954, were shared with members of chapter.
The mission of Ellis Acres Park is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and ENHANCE.

Ellis Acres Park, Inc

New  Entrance Sign

The Women's Training Camp, a Biblical Support and Mentoring Program from Baptist Union Baptist Church, met at Ellis Acres Park on September the 15th 2017. Under the leadership of Reverend Mary Alice Eldridge, ideas were shared on becoming more supportive and 
mentoring Christians traveling the Journey of Life.


⚘⚘It's A Lee Family Reunion⚘⚘ at Ellis Acres Park today. Renewed bonds of friendships celebrated and sealed with loving embraces, smiles and updates. A wonderful family celebrating on a beautiful day sent by God.Type your paragraph here.