Ellis Acres Park


Ellis Acres Meets 10-Year Milestone

The 9th Annual Golf Tournament photos.

By Emily Hollingsworth, Farmville Herald
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At the site of the former first segregated secondary school for African-American students in Buckingham County, residents are continuing the legacy of educating and empowering individuals by expanding Ellis Acres Memorial Park, which celebrates its 10th year.

Since the 9.25-acre park in the Town of Dillwyn first opened in November 2007, its leadership has installed a pavilion, a flag pole surrounded by memorial bricks and most recently new signage at the park’s entrance. Park officials are also set to build a community center and expand the park’s nature trail.

Featuring a portrait of Buckingham Training School Founder the Rev. Stephen J. Ellis and a description of the site’s history, the new sign was acquired from funds raised during the annual Ellis Acres Golf Tournament on June 10, held at the Manor Resort Golf Club in Farmville, Park Founder Wilbert Dean, of Buckingham, said.

Ellis Acres Park, Inc.

New Entrance Sign

Ellis Acres Park, Inc

New  Entrance Sign


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